We have partnered with The Mayor of London Team, and present our fourth annual conference ‘She Who Innovates’ happening at City Hall. This event will focus on breaking the barriers to enter professions where women are often underrepresented. We want to develop your skills and teach you how to use your resources to create new solutions.

    It is time to redefine perceptions, and while we're at this... Let's change the numbers.
    To apply you must be a female student either in Year 11, 12 or 13 or between 15 - 19 and meet any of the two:
    1) Attend a comprehensive State Secondary School/College in London
    2) You are in NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
    3)First generation to go to university
    4) Household income below £16,000
    From: 2:30-6:30PM

  • Who We Are

    The Us Programme, founded in 2016 by Victoria Azubuike, is a project with the mission to help educate and inspire young females mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds to break boundaries and achieve goals.


    We understand that part of the way of becoming an individual who makes a positive impact is to learn the secrets from those who are already succeeding and by seeking out available opportunities.

    We aim to do this by offering self development, continuous support to ambitious female students and special access to a network of successful women in industry dedicated to sharing their knowledge and willing to helping you on your journey.

    Aimed at female students aged 14 to 19 (currently sitting GCSEs, A-levels or BTECs), our annual conference is comprised of many elements including case studies, panel discussions, group presentations, interactive workshops, networking opportunities and an on-going support and mentoring scheme.

  • Aims



    The Us Programme aims to help educate young females between the ages of 14 to 19 who are keen to learn about how they can achieve their career goals. We aim to offer a support system during our students’ academic careers through our annual conferences and development sessions.



    We hope to be a bridge that allows eager, intellectual and determined females to build long lasting relationships with professionals and like minded individuals.



    We understand without constant personal development it is not possible to reach our full potential. By providing our development sessions and annual conference we hope to encourage young women to pursue their chosen career path.


    Our mission is to continue to grow through engaging more female students and through our collaborative efforts with partner organisations.





  • The Blog

    September 26, 2019
    We all grow up with role models. Those who inspire us, and those who we aspire to become. Those who make a difference to our lives, or to the world. The best thing about role models is that they’re individual to us. Whatever they represent, how close they are to us, whether they’re a loved one or...
    Innovation to me is all about being different, doing something bold. Behind an innovative idea is an abundance of creativity that enables one’s story to be at the forefront of their initiatives. Think of Mae Carol Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space, or Katherine Johnson, a...
    When I think of innovation, the first word that comes to mind is creativity. The creativity that allows the transformation and reinvention of the old into the new. Through innovation, things are ever-changing and constantly developing. Innovative minds see beyond what is accepted as ‘the norm’. ...
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  • Meet Our Team

    The Team

    Victoria Azubuike

    Founder & Director​


    University of Warwick

    Degree: Management Studies

    Describe Yourself in three words:

    Ambitious, Resilient & Enthusiastic.

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Working as a Management Consultant, whilst embarking on new journeys to reach and help as many young ladies as possible through the work of the Us Programme.


    Beulah Olisanekwu


    University of Exeter

    Degree: Liberal Arts - major and minor in Sociology and International Relations

    Describe Yourself in three words:

    Caring, enthusiastic and adaptable

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    I would like to be working in a position in the banking and finance sector, in which I can help people in my community and give back to the people around me who need it most.

    Rachel Appiah


    Aston University

    Degree: Business Management and English Language

    Describe yourself in three words:

    Bubbly, Optimistic, Tenacious

    Where you see yourself in 10 years?

    Working in Consulting or Relationship Management. Alongside being an Entrepreneur (starting my own charity/foundation which supports less fortunate children and women). I hope to inspire and empower the people I come into contact with and use my life to be a blessing to others.



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