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Ishrat's Words - What does Innovation mean to me?

Innovation is a subjective term; it has its own meaning to the individual who is inspired by innovators or is an innovator themselves. I see innovation as using your ability to your advantage and creating something that works for you, and maybe others too. What is extraordinary is that most innovators don’t see their ability as a high regarded talent that can be used to change the world or understand that the creativity blooming inside of them can be turned into something great! It’s important to remember that innovation doesn’t equal intelligence and innovation doesn’t equal having the money to start. Innovation equals all the different types of individuals from different backgrounds who have decided to share their unbelievable talent with the world.

What’s key about innovation is seeing a gap in the world, seeing that there’s room for improvement and making that breakthrough. This doesn’t mean that it is going to work the first time, the second time or even the third. It’s about striving to create the best version of your product, your invention, your world and finding the best version to fit into this puzzle which is the universe. You might think it’s scary to start something new, creating this whole phenomena, not knowing where it will take you or the different people you’ll meet along the way. You might ask, ‘where do people get this confidence from’? The truth is, people aren’t confident in what others will think, people are confident in their own idea which they have strived to perfect for the world. If you love your piece of work, that’s when others can love it too. Believe in yourself- stand firm- so that there’s nothing that can bring you down!

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