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Meron's Words: What Innovation means to me?

Innovation to me is all about being different, doing something bold. Behind an innovative idea is an abundance of creativity that enables one’s story to be at the forefront of their initiatives. Think of Mae Carol Jemison, the first black woman to travel into space, or Katherine Johnson, a renowned NASA employee that contributed to the success of the US' spaceflight. It's all about how we use our resources and expertise to create something that is sustainable, even if it isn't tangible. The rapid advancements of AI has contributed immensely to the world’s growing dependence on technology; from having the ability to detect the volume of a tumour to fraud prevention, innovation in tech has really pioneered initiatives that maximise human potential. All it takes is a thought, which then multiplies into a sea of ideas. Humanity relies on these advancements, for it is innovation that is mobilising change within society today.

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