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Why She Who Dreams?

Our Founder's Thoughts

I am so excited to finally announce our newest event - ‘She Who Dreams - at The Shard!’

What a journey it has been to get to this moment! We started the planning back in December. I’ve learnt so much, experienced every emotion possible and faced many challenges along the way. Two years ago when starting the Us Programme, I could never have thought this possible; but this girl has learnt to dream bigger!

This mini series will outline the journey me and my team have embarked on for this event and reveal what went on behind the scenes.

Throughout different stages of our lives it is so easy to become so focused on routine, so engulfed in our present circumstances that we forget to dream. When looking back at my own experience I realise that for a long time, what mattered most to me was getting good grades and ending up at a high ranking university. Then as an undergraduate student, all my focus turned to finding the right internship so that I could ‘get my foot in the door’. But this summer, as my rejection emails began to pile up, I made room for fear and doubt and allowed them to rob me of the confidence that I had spent all these years building. I had to take some time to reflect and appreciate the qualities that I have been gifted with. I had to think outside of the box and envision the Victoria I wanted to become.

‘She Who Dreams’ is for the girl who closes her eyes and envisions her success. It is for the girl who remains determined despite the setbacks and continues to work tirelessly for what she wants. It is for she who starts a race with no guidelines or supporters, but can still see the finish line. It is for the girl who has been too afraid to dream and does not know of all that she is capable of, if she just took the time to believe in herself. ‘She Who Dreams’ is for the girl who prefers not to think too far ahead as she’s a little scared of the unknown. But it’s also for the girl who’s dream has been labelled improbable or impractical because she can feel the stars from her bedroom window.

It important to me to share with others what I have learnt along my journey. And it is even more important to hear from the ladies who have achieved their dreams. Ladies who have overcome various hurdles along the way by remaining persistent. Ladies that show that there is power in dreaming big and remaining faithful to your goal.

For some this event will plant the seed of hope and self-belief that was missing from their ground. For others this event will water the fertile seed already within them.

 In essence, I want to teach the girls that they can dream the impossible, dream without limits, dream the unthinkable and ultimately dream passed your current situation.

God knows the number of times, whilst planning this event, that I have closed my eyes and pictured the day. I see a girl looking out into the city of London through the fine glass panels that conceal the tallest building in the country. I see others engaging in something new, having conversations with professionals, nervously introducing themselves to someone new but then being confident enough to exchange contact details.

We have hosted, ‘She Who Leads’ on how to be a leader in all we do. ‘She Who Develops’ on personal branding and networking. ‘She Who Achieves’, with a panel of experts that amplified on the importance of believing and building your own achievements. ‘She Who Wins’, focused on forming a winning mentality and ‘She Who Excels’, which emphasized on excelling in all we do with a focus on presentation skills. Now I want to focus on the dreamers of our generation.

I want to provide an opportunity for my ladies to be challenged and inspired. We are all unique and possess skills and talents that will allow us to go out into the world and become everything we have always wanted to be. This event is all about perspective, a combination of all the themes we’ve addressed before. And although sometimes the view from the ground can be obstructed, your perspective changes when you stand in the position of a skyscraper like the Shard.

My greatest wish is for all the girls attending to come and understand their dreams are achievable with hard work and determination.

I’m extremely grateful to all the incredible people who have given their support so far to making this event truly possible. All the glory goes to God.


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